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One of the features we’re most proud of is our live pricing. As you design your building it will generate a price for you. This is constantly updated to give you the most accurate depiction of what your building will cost at the time of design. This price is provided to give you a ballpark figure. Once you’ve completed the building, you’ll submit it to us & a team member will review every detail with you to ensure accuracy of price, materials, etc. When this happens you may notice a price change, but don't be alarmed as it's expected as we value engineer your building to fit your needs & budget.

Colors & Size

On the right-hand side you’ll see where you can customize the color & size of your building.

Along with other helpful features.

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This is where you’ll be able to select the features that give your custom barn a little something extra. You’ll be able to add porches & lean-tos of all shapes & sizes.

Doors & Windows

This is where you’ll be given the functionality to select the windows & doors that fit your building the best! Whether it’s a slider, an overhead door or even just an opening, you can select & place those using this feature.

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